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Bunnies Room
The Bunnies Classroom Serves Children ages:

2.5 - 3/3.5 years
Room capacity:  16 children

Successful schools use multi-sensory environments in as many ways as possible
to stimulate learning. The Bunnies Room has a wealth of opportunities for your
child to thrive in a pre-school/ daycare environment! Listening to music helps
develop the section of the brain which processes science and math. Use of labels
on walls, objects and furniture helps children to understand not just letters, but
that objects have names just like people. Art projects help children develop fine
motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Just watch your child blossom in the Bunnies Room!

Snack and Lunchtime
Children's Circle provides two nutritious snacks per day. Examples include cheese and crackers, yogurt, fruit, and graham crackers. Parents may choose to provide their child's lunch meal or lunch can be ordered from a monthly menu for a nominal cost. We are able to heat parent-provided meals with a microwave.

Nap Time
Children in the Bunnies Room each have their own Center-provided cot. Nap time follows lunch. Children nap until rested which is usually 2 - 2 1/2 hours.

Toilet Training
Usually during this time frame in a child's life, they become interested in and are capable of toilet training. We understand that this process is a shared task; one that requires the full cooperation, agreement and understanding between both the child, parent and the caregiver. Our physical environment supports toilet training, as two child-size toilets are located in a bathroom adjacent to the Puppies and Bunnies Rooms. Our teachers have partnered with parents to help toilet train hundreds of children over the years! 

Daily Feedback
Parents of Bunnies receive a daily activity sheet which provides feedback regarding the child's general demeanor for the day (happy, sad, etc.), how much of their lunch was eaten, nap start and end times, and diaper activity. A white board outside the classroom conveys what was offered for snack time and a general message about the day (i.e. We played outside in the sprinkler today!).

The lead teacher in the Bunnies Room is Teresa Dechert. Ms. Teresa has Child Development Associate (CDA) credentials.  She has been at Children’s Circle since1995! Her assistant is Ms. Stephanie. 

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Please contact Ashley Santino, Director with any questions at (973) 884-3652 ext. 10 or childrenscircle@elcaandy.org.

At Children's Circle...
we have a long history of preparing children 
  not just for a successful kindergarten experience,
      but to be…
Learners for Life!
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The Bunnies Room Teachers are:

Young children absolutely love dressing up and pretending. Creating costumes for different play activities enhances their experience of the activity and makes it all the more special because they worked with you to “set the stage’ for their imaginative play. 

Help your prince or princess make their own crown; it is easy to do! Wrap a paper strip around your child’s head to measure how long you need it to be, show your child where their decorating space is, provide crayons, and then connect the ends to form the crown!

Your child will be working on fine motor and hand/eye coordination. They will be practicing their hold of a writing utensil, and with practice, they will move from a ‘hammer hold’ to a ‘pincer grip." They will learn the joy and freedom which comes from an active imagination, and they will appreciate the time spent sharing this activity with you!
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