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Ducklings Room
The Ducklings Classroom Serves Children ages:

6 weeks—18 months
Room capacity: 11 children

Play is the work of children, and we never under estimate it!
Infants are spiritual, emotional persons, with a limited vocabulary to discuss these issues. In the Ducklings Room at Children’s Circle, we help children to develop words and actions to express these feelings and needs. We provide a wide range of age-appropriate toys designed to delight and capture your infant's interest. Your child will be developing new skills, stretching and flexing their growing muscles and expanding their exposure to various types music.

For infants, we ask that you as the parent/ guardian provide breast milk/formula and "solid" foods (if appropriate) and complete a "feeding sheet" to describe your child's existing schedule to our caregivers. Our teachers will follow this schedule. At approximately 12 months, if your child is ready, we will slowly blend in the daily schedule of our Puppies Room so that the transition from a Duckling to a Puppy is as smooth as possible.

Nap Time
Each of the infants in our care are provided with their own crib. We ask that you provide a nap-time blanket. The lighting in our Ducklings room is designed so that the crib area can be dimmed for more restful sleep. Two-zone lighting also allows us to follow your child's schedule rather than ask an infant to follow a standard schedule.

Daily Feedback
Parents of Ducklings receive a daily detailed activity sheet. The activity sheet lists the time, description and amount of each feeding, the time and length of each nap, as well as the time and type of each diaper change. Teachers also use this sheet to convey any special happenings (i.e. We went for a walk outside today!).

The lead teacher in the Ducklings Room is Ms. Patty. Ms. Patty has been at Children's Cricle since 1996. The Ducklings Co-Teacher is Ms. Debby. She has been at Children's Circle since 1994 and has her Child Development Associate (CDA) credentials.  Ms. Debby and Ms. Patty have been a teaching team since 1996! Also assisting in the Ducklings Room is Ms. Nicole and Ms. Ashley D.

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Puppies Room!

Please contact Ashley Santino, Director with any questions at (973) 884-3652 ext. 10 or childrenscircle@elcaandy.org.

At Children's Circle...
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The Ducklings Room Teachers are:

Cause and Effect Play:
Babies love knocking things down as much as stacking them up! Build a tower of blocks (emptied and cleaned plastic baby food containers work well, also!), and tip it over together with a gentle movement. Supporting the action with descriptions such as "What do you think is going to happen if we touch the blocks?" and then sharing a hearty "Uh, oh! They all fell down" together supports the learning concept of cause and effect while also ensuring both parent and child a good laugh together!

Sign Language:
Far before your baby speaks his first words, there is the ability for your baby to communicate via handshapes and motions. We introduce basic infant sign language based on American Sign Language in the classroom, but you can also create "signs" that are shared just between you and your child. For example, hold your child's hand and gently squeeze it three times while saying "I love you." Before long, you will simply need to squeeze your child's hand three times and they are sure to connect with your meaning!
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