Puppies Room
The Puppies Classroom Serves Children ages:

12 months - 2 years
Room capacity:  16 children

Children really love and want to grow! For them, learning is a constant and exciting exploration! In this age-group, children benefit from gentle coaching as they begin working with others in the learning process. Parallel play will soon grow into an opportunity to teach sharing. Some shy children or children who are new to day care may need extra attention to help them to integrate into a group. In the puppies room, all children receive praise and support to grow.

Snack and Lunchtime
Children's Circle provides two nutritious snacks per day. Examples include cheese and crackers, yogurt, fruit, and graham crackers. Parents may choose to provide their child's lunch meal or lunch can be ordered from a monthly menu for a nominal cost. We are able to heat parent-provided meals with a microwave. We encourage your child to be independent during feeding, as learning how to control a fork and spoon is an excellent way to develop fine-motor skills.

Nap Time
Children in the Puppies Room each have their own Center-provided cot. Nap time follows lunch. Children nap until rested which is usually 2 - 2 1/2 hours.

Daily Feedback
Parents of Puppies receive a daily activity sheet which provides feedback regarding the child's general demeanor for the day (happy, sad, etc.), how much of their lunch was eaten, nap start and end times, and diaper activity. A white board outside the classroom conveys what was offered for snack time and a general message about the day (i.e. We played outside in the sprinkler today!).

The lead teacher in the Puppies Room is Debby Barbary. Ms. Debby has Child Development Associate (CDA) credentials. She has been in the Puppies Room since 1994. Ms. Debby's assistant is Patty Manzo.  Ms. Debby and Ms. Patty have been a teaching team since 1996! Also assisting in the Puppies Room is Ms. Jessica Miscia.

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Please contact Danielle Mautone, director with any questions at (973) 884-3652 ext. 10 or childrenscircle@optonline.net.

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The Puppies Room Teachers are:

Sharing and Counting:
We call this game "One for You, One for Me." Gather a group of smaller items (such as crayons, cut grapes, or crackers) and ask your child to share them with you by placing "one for you" and "one for me" into two cups. You can ask an older sibling (or even a stuffed teddy bear!) to join in the fun so that your child can practice sharing things out with a group. Children of this age enjoy being in charge of the sorting. They will also appreciate it when you do the final count of each person's share of the pile and everyone's pile is the same!

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