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Classrooms for Learning

Each child has unique learning patterns, which need to be honored and opened up to additional learning channels, to ease frustration. We use multi-sensory learning, coaching, teacher-to-student interaction, group activities, support, praise, and the creation of a safe environment to assist each child to grow to the fullest of their abilities with a love for learning.

Children’s Circle develops its curriculum based upon generally accepted milestones of an age group and the individual needs and interests in the classroom. We are not bound by a prescribed curriculum handed down by a corporate entity that has no idea of the daily activities of your child’s world. Through communication with you and by observation, our teachers have the insight and awareness of your child’s requirements and can develop a curriculum that supports your child’s growth.

On a weekly basis, each classroom’s lead teacher submits lesson plans, based upon a teacher-selected weekly theme, to the Children’s Circle director. Lesson plans describe each day’s scheduled activities and their desired learning outcome. The director reviews lesson plans and discusses any suggestions/ modifications with the lead teacher. This review insures a balance of learning approaches (visual, auditory, and hands-on discovery methods) and fosters shared knowledge. Lead teachers then communicate highlights of the upcoming week’s plans via e-mail to all parents.

Once per week, Rev. Frederick L. Lentz visits each classroom and provides a bible story and supporting activity. Pastor Fred, as he is known to the children, has a Master in Divinity and a BS in Geology. He has also been a teacher of young children and has certification to teach secondary sciences.

Children's Circle is organized around five classrooms.  Children are transitioned from one classroom to the other based on development readiness.  Ages below are a general guideline for classrooms:

Our teachers welcome your participation in the classrooms! Parents (and grandparents!) have participated in lessons in the areas of dental hygiene, counting, measuring and baking (yummy gingerbread cookies!), fire safety, music and dance. In addition we regularly feature program guests, dance lessons, music classes, field trips, and special events!

Feedback on Your Child's Progress:
We encourage parents to speak with our teachers throughout the year about any curriculum or learning questions/ concerns. Children’s Circle follows a formal written feedback schedule. Written feedback is provided in December and Jume.  An in-person parent/teacher conference regarding kindergarten readiness is held in June for our students who will be entering elementary school in September and additionally conferences are also held as needed.

Children's Circle is licensed by the state of New Jersey and we exceed many of their regulations. 

Please contact Ashley Santino, Director with any questions at (973) 884-3652 ext. 10 or via e-mail at childrenscircle@elcaandy.org

We would love to meet you in person to give you a tour of our Center!
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Children's Circle's five classrooms by selecting a room below:

At Children's Circle...
we have a long history of preparing children 
  not just for a successful kindergarten experience,
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Learners for Life!
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Playtime is the 
work of children!

We offer two age-based
outdoor playgrounds. 

We also have a climate-controlled
1,200 square foot INDOOR play area 
to allow children to stretch their legs during the bitter winter months 
and on summer days too hot 
to safely play outside.

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